Pepper-pup-femThe decision to get a pet should be a family decision. It is all very well to say that a dog or cat that is brought into the home belongs to Dad or Rikhi or JoJo.  The pet’s arrival will impact on everyone in the home.

Of course, if the pet is a gift for one person, that person is primarily responsible for its care and welfare.  However, that does not mean that the pet can or should be ignored by the other members of the household.

The one official owner needs to know that, should something prevent him from getting home on time, another family member will feed the dog, cat or parrot.  The pet should not have to go without food and/or water, just because the person who normally takes care of it cannot, for some good reason.

Unfortunately, it does happen that an animal is made to suffer because no one else in the household cares enough to see to its welfare, when the owner is absent. “It ent my dog, is JoJo’s dog.”  This is the excuse offered for leaving an animal to starve, to do without water or remain tied up.

If there is no agreement within the family about the care of a pet, then it is much better not to have a pet. If the official owner has to go away, or is no longer able to care for the pet, he or she should surrender it  to an animal organisation, rather than leave it to suffer at the hands of uncaring relatives.

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