rani-day-picBe a responsible pet owner. How do you do this? Here is a list of the basics to help you:-

Make sure that your pet has suitable shelter inside and/or outside the house.

Feed your pet every day.  Adult dogs need a suitable amount of food divided into one or two meals per day, pups three or four meals, according to age.  Remember, cats are nibblers, so a straight two-meals-a-day plan may not suit them. If possible, leave a little chow out for snacking.

Ensure that the pets have access to clean water at all times. If they usually knock over the bowl or bucket, set it in a square of bricks so it is not easily upset.

Make sure that your pet is socialised.  Interact with the pet every day and make them part of the household.  The result will be a happier relationship all round.

Walk and play with your dog.  If he is too fat – you are not getting enough exercise either. Before taking him out for exercise, put a collar and I D tag on him.

Spay or neuter your pet as soon as it is old enough. The old advice was to have it done at 6 – 9 months old.  This may be too late, as a female sometimes calls shortly after six months old. There are several experienced vets here who are familiar with juvenile spaying and neutering and will perform the operation when the pet is much younger. There is absolutely no need to let a female produce. Don’t be responsible for unwanted litters.

You are responsible for your pet’s happiness and well-being.

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