SebastianThere are cat lovers in Trinidad, but not nearly enough!

For some people, it is a question of perceiving a “use” for a dog that they do not have for a cat. Dogs are guards and sometimes companions.  They patrol the yard and defend the home. They show it when they are pleased to see you.

So what about cats? A cat permits its human companion to provide for its needs, while not necessarily feeling an obligation to be anything except ornamental. Cats can be loving companions or as aloof as royalty.  They may come to meet you when they hear your car, or show no interest when you return from a three-week trip. However, most cats who are shown love and attention from young will show the same to their humans.

Its independence makes a cat an ideal companion for those who are out at work or otherwise busy. Although cats do enjoy the company of their adoptive humans they are quite capable of occupying themselves when left alone.  They can happily sit on a window ledge for hours, staring at the birds, the squirrels or the neighbours. Of course, sleeping takes up quite a bit of the day, too.

Somewhere out there, there may be a cat willing to share your home and thereby improve both your life and its own.  When that cat walks into your life, put down a bowl of chow, surrender  the most comfortable chair and say “Welcome home!”

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