awn_logoPooling Resources to Benefit Animals

1. Name
The name of the organisation is “The Animal Welfare Network”.

2. Objectives
i) To establish a network of volunteers throughout the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago who are willing to contribute their time, labour and means for the benefit of animals in their communities.
ii) To find caring homes for unwanted or abandoned animals/pets.
ii) To control the breeding of cats and dogs by encouraging sterilisation of these animals by their owners.
iv) To sensitise members of the public to their responsibilities towards their pets.

3. Membership
i) Membership of the organisation shall be open to individuals who have been nominated by a current financial member and shall have paid the stipulated membership dues.
ii) The membership will consist of financial annual members only. Honorary life membership may be awarded to a person who has rendered distinguished service to the cause of animal welfare.
iii) The membership fee will be $100 for each calendar year, due in January or at the time of joining.
iv) Membership cards which will be valid for one (1) year will be issued each year on payment of the annual membership fee.
v) Members must be financial for at least 12 weeks in order to exercise voting rights.
vi) Members will be expected to indicate areas in which they can provide assistance to the organisation from a list of approved options.
vii) A membership list will be circulated annually to members of the organisation solely for the purpose of networking and members are obligated not to disclose this list to non-members.

4. Committee
i) The organisation will be steered by a committee (hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee). The Management Committee will consist of not less than five (5) and not more than nine (9) persons. The total number of committee members must always be an odd number. A quorum will consist of five (5) members.
ii) The Management Committee will consist of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer plus two (2) to six (6) ordinary members.
iii) A recording Secretary will be appointed by the Management Committee. The Secretary will have no vote in committee meetings and will be in addition to five (5) to nine (9) members mentioned above.

5. Election of Officers and Committee Members
i) Ordinary Members of the Management Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the organisation by members present who have satisfied the requirement of article 3(v) hereof.
ii) Nominations for election to the Management Committee shall be in writing and signed by a minimum of three (3) financial members. All nominations must be received by the Secretary at least two (2) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
iii) At the first meeting of the duly elected Management Committee held after the Annual General Meeting, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and a Treasurer will be appointed by and from the members of The Management Committee.
iv) No person shall serve as Chairman, Deputy Chairman or Treasurer for more than three (3) consecutive annual terms. No ordinary member of the Management Committee shall serve for more than four(4) consecutive terms.
v) Voting at Annual General Meetings and all other meetings will be by a show of hands. A simple majority will be required for election

6. Annual General Meeting
i) The Annual General Meeting of the Animal Welfare Network will be held no later than six (6) months after the end of the first and every subsequent calendar year.
ii) Notices of the Annual General Meeting will be forwarded to members by ordinary mail one (1) month before the date of the meeting.

7. Ordinary Meetings
i) Ordinary meetings of the Management Committee will be held monthly or at other intervals agreed upon by a majority of the committee members.
ii) In the event of a tied vote the Chair will have a deciding vote.

8. Extraordinary General Meetings
An extraordinary general meeting of the Animal Welfare Network may be called:-
i) By the Management Committee to discuss matters of urgent importance
to the Animal Welfare Network.
ii) By the Management Committee on receipt of a petition signed by not less
than 35% of the total membership of the organisation.

9. Vacating Membership of the Management Committee
A member may vacate membership of the Management Committee:-
i) By letter of resignation addressed and delivered to the Secretary.
ii) By ceasing to be a financial member of the organisation.
iii) If called upon to resign by a majority of the Management Committee
iv) By failing to attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Management Committee.

10. Finances
i) All monies received by the Animal Welfare Network will be deposited, promptly and intact, into a bank account in the name of “The Animal Welfare Network”.
ii) Payments out of this account will be made by cheques signed by any two (2) of three (3) authorised signatories.
iii) Authorised signatories will include the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and one ordinary member of the Management Committee. The Treasurer will not be a Signatory.
iv) In the event of a signatory’s incapacity another signatory will be selected by the Management Committee to maintain the Pool of three (3) signatories.
v) The accounts of the organisation will be subject to audit annually. The audited accounts will be distributed to Members one (1) month before each Annual General Meeting.

11. Dissolution of the Organisation
i) In the event of any liabilities existing at the dissolution of the organisation, each member of the organisation will liable to a maximum

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