IMG_2972We have one word of advice for people who keep wild animals as pets – DON’T!

Wild animals such as squirrels, agoutis, monkeys and iguanas were never meant to be kept captive. Birds, unless bred in captivity and therefore unable to fend for themselves in the wild, should not kept in cages.

How can you compare the life of a squirrel kept in a cage in a garden – even a big cage – with that of a squirrel living wild in the same garden.  Of course, the wild squirrel runs risks with the neighbourhood dogs and cars.  It has to scramble up and down trees to get its food and there are no guarantees that it will eat as regularly as the captive squirrel. On the other hand, its life (while it lasts) is full and interesting.

It has a purpose.  There are things it needs to do each day just to survive. It seeks a mate and breeds to continue the species. Boredom is not a problem.

While wild animals kept as pets are safe and well fed (usually) they can be very bored.  When denied the opportunity to find a mate they may become frustrated and aggressive or depressed. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to cruelty and abandonment.

This can all be avoided if wild animals are left in the wild and enjoyed by humans in their natural environment. Even if you live in the city or the suburbs you can see these small animals around you – if you look carefully.

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