Jamie B HEADThere are a number of myths about cats.  Perhaps you know some of these:

Cats know what you are thinking.  Not really, they are just very observant and spend a lot of time watching you.

Cats must have milk. Once a cat is weaned it does not really need milk. Milk can cause diarrhoea in cats beyond kitten-hood, but if yours shows no ill effects – let her enjoy her milk from time to time.

Cats steal. They do have a good understanding of “self-service”. You should learn not to leave tempting food out on the counter, uncovered. Fortunately, some cats will not eat anything except their own chow.

Cats are not affectionate. Cats can be very affectionate, although this will vary from one cat to another.  Generally, a cat that is treated with affection will respond in the same way.

Cats that are spayed/neutered always get fat and lazy. Of course, a tomcat that was used to chasing females will get less exercise once he is neutered.  He may focus on food instead and so gain some weight.  Restricting his diet may help here. Spayed females may also gain a little weight but this does not always happen and, again, the proper diet will help.

Cats are connected with death and the occult.  This is just superstition but it is probably at the root of unexplained dislike many people here feel for cats.  There is absolutely no connection between cats and the occult or spirits of any kindwords

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