awn_logoThe sections of the Summary Offences Act that state when and where fireworks may or may not be used are outdated and are generally ignored anyway.

We need the help of everyone who cares about this to lobby the Government for effective legislation to regulate the use of fireworks and to ensure that such regulations are enforced.    Such regulations should set out where and when fireworks may be let off and set limits on the time when fireworks may be let off e.g.  One hour before and after midnight on Old Year’s Night. There should also be limits on fireworks bought by private persons and a complete ban on items such as “scratch bombs”.

Write to your MP and let him/her know that you want the Government to end the free-for-all attitude to the use of fireworks.  Write to the media and encourage them to back the regulation of fireworks, to prevent further accidents.  Do not buy or encourage others to buy fireworks.

On April 19th 2017, two members of AWN’s Committee appeared before a Joint Select Committee of Parliament enquiring into “the adverse health effects of fireworks in Trinidad & Tobago”.  Also present at that session were representatives of The Veterinary Association, The Ministry of Agriculture, and The Environmental Management Authority.  This is a start – now we need to press for action.

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