awn_logoIf you lose your pet, there are several things you should do as soon as possible after your pet goes missing.

ONE. Make posters of the pet and put these up around the area where it was lost. Make sure to include telephone numbers where you can be contacted. If possible, put a picture of the pet on the poster.

TWO.  Call the AWN, the TTSPCA and veterinary clinics in the area. It is possible that the pet may be taken into the TTSPCA shelter or the finder may have requested AWN’s help to locate the pet’s owner. The pet may also be boarded temporarily at a veterinary clinic while efforts are made to find you – the owner.

THREE.  Contact AWN by e-mail, supply a picture and some information about the missing pet and ask that your e-mail be circulated to their members.

FOUR. Visit the TTSPCA and ask to see any pets that seem to fit the description/picture you provide. Yours might be in the shelter somewhere.  Ask them to put your information in the “Lost pets book.”

FIVE. Keep looking for you pet – especially in the early morning and just before dark. Most animals take shelter in the heat of the day and may be harder to find then.

If you FIND someone’s animal, take its picture if possible, circulate this information to AWN, the TTSPCA and put up posters in your area.   You will be doing both the pet and the owner a big favour if you reunite them.

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