awn_logoNo animal owner should ever buy fireworks nor should they allow or encourage others to buy them.

Not only do fireworks cause distress to animals and their owners but their use is, in most cases, illegal.

The noise of fireworks sounds very loud to us, so you can imagine how much worse it is for animals, whose hearing may be as much as 100 times better than our own.

Dogs, in particular, are sometimes driven mad with fear and, with a rush of adrenalin, can escape a normally safe yard.  Once on the road, they may bolt into the road and get killed or injured.  They may also cause traffic accidents that claim human victims.

Even if they escape injury or death, they may run until they can run no more and then be lost.  They will not have noticed which way they were running and have no idea how to get home.  If they are not wearing collars with tags, their chances of being found and return to their owners are slim indeed.

Cats are a little more fortunate, as they often find places to hide – under beds or inside cupboards. However, some of them still run outside, into the road, and lose all of their nine lives.

It is very important to secure your pets in a safe place when there are likely to be fireworks. Preferably, they should be inside the building. A dog must never be chained in the yard as it may strangle itself on its chain.

However careful you are, sometimes a dog does get out of the place you have secured him, so wearing a collar and ID tag is a must.

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