EveA supply of clean water at all times;

Regular meals of an adequate diet;

A clean environment, security and shelter from sun, rain and wind;

Regular preventative treatment for fleas, ticks and diseases and veterinary care if it becomes sick or injured Space to exercise and play;

A secure yard, to prevent escape and injury (in the case of dogs);

A safe and controlled situation, if the dog leaves my premises.

My adopted animal will never be subjected to:

Prolonged periods of being locked up in a kennel;

Prolonged periods of being tied up;

Any harsh punishment, nor allow any other person to do so and I will not encourage any dog to fight;

I agree that:

If I have any problems, I will contact the AWN for advice and not abandon or otherwise dispose of the animal in an unsuitable manner;

I will not give the animal away to anyone else, without the permission of AWN management;

Members of the AWN may visit me in future to check that the animal is well cared for and that the conditions above are being met.  If such visits are made, I will allow the AWN member(s) onto my property to see the animal.  I realize that such visits may be at random times (spot checks) if there is any doubt as to the conditions under which the animal is living.

That if the AWN is not happy with my care of the animal, I will be in breach of this contract.  If this is the case, I authorize the AWN to reclaim possession and ownership of the animal.   This right of removal will remain for as long as I continue to have the animal with me.

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